Day 101 (A Hundred & One) of 365 days

“I do not know anything; I have got nothing to show the world; I do not have any worth”

These are the common thoughts of a person with an inferiority complex. Inferiority complex is characterized as a feeling that one is lesser than others in some way. People with this illness do not feel good about their selves or refuse to listen to anything positive about them. It is not just the usual feeling of inferiority that people sometimes have.

It is a much higher condition that can result in a person’s withdrawal from social contacts. This abnormal state can be caused by parental attitudes and upbringing, physical defects, mental limitations, social disadvantages and discriminations. Parental attitudes and upbringing refer to the parents’ behaviour during one’s childhood that usually results in an unfavourable outcome to a child’s personality. Such behaviours like emphasizing the mistakes and shortcomings of the child and the approval of negative remarks, instead of encouraging them to do better next time can be the cause.

Do you always feel doubts about yourself? Or do you feel a lack of self-esteem? There could be many other doubts that you feel about yourself. If you feel any of the above-mentioned trait, probably you have an inferiority complex. When a person has this condition, it is evident in their behaviours too. Above all, we all feel inferiority at some point in life. Sometimes, it is common to feel inferior compared to our peers. However, when this starts affecting your life, it’s when you should seek help.

It’s quite an uphill task to overcome such a deep-seated mental condition. We can trace a person’s past for the roots of this problem. Any past event or a series of events and situations could have left a deep scar on a person’s mind. A person who goes through such conditions often suffer. Moreover, such a person finds it very difficult to accept that they are suffering. It is because acceptance of suffering is very painful for them. However, this complex cannot be overcome overnight. It takes a lot of time to regain that self-esteem that one used to have. But once you achieve this, you begin to see the world in a different light.

We are the master of our destiny. No one should tell us that we are weak; we should not let any of those words dwell in our hearts and minds. We have our weaknesses but this can not stop us from achieving great things. If we think we can do it, then do it. No one will ever reprimand you for being useless because you were made for a certain purpose.