Day 118 (A Hundred & Eighteen) of 365 days

There are times when it seems to skip over responsibilities and taking the easy road out will be the more enjoyable path. Endless opportunities for social events, extracurricular activities, and fun activities fill the mind.

Ever get the feeling you're not going anywhere? Worse still, that you're just going around in circles? You feel like you've been putting in the time and effort required but somehow, your goal is still so far away that it almost seems unattainable...

So what do you do? Do you throw in the metaphorical towel and call it a day? Do you accept failure and move on? Do you start setting yourself small, simple goals that you know you can easily achieve?

No, to all of the above! Do you know what's worse than trying and failing? Not trying at all! The end is never truly the end, so long as your effort never dies. So long as you remain dedicated and determined, you're guaranteed to see results!

Effort requires two simple things from you: persistence and positivity!

Persistence means you keep going when times are tough when your work is challenging and you're struggling to see the (also metaphorical) light at the end of the tunnel. Persistence involves you erasing phrases like "can't", "won't" and "I'm unable to" from your vocabulary and instead of saying things like, "can" "I will" and "I'm able to, no matter how long it takes!"

Effort requires you to give up giving up. So, a project hasn't gone as planned. Instead of letting it take a hit on your self-confidence and productivity, see it as a way to improve in the future. Accept it, learn from it, and do it better the next time around.

If we want to reach happy life we should walk through some sorrowful path. The one who is not bothering about the sorrows and moving is the real hero of life.



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