Day 12 (twelve) of 365 days.

After spending almost a year out of college, the days get shorter, the mornings get colder and students get increasingly agitated. Under such conditions, the problems of our schools, real and imagined are magnified and exaggerated.

Some Students right after the closure of schools. Photo from

We all had plans while getting admitted to the University. All our plans had to be replaced as a result of the pandemic and how poor education is in the country. Some people got lost while replanning while others found their way into another land of treasure.

Even with the years that are meant to be spent in the four walls of a school, never let schooling interfere with your education. There can be more you can get from life experiences compared to the education you get at school.

There are also high chances that the experiences one gets from the real world can’t be gotten in school or college. You can’t live your entire life with only knowing information or facts learned from school or college. A person also needs talent, skills, and real world experience to live. College is one of the good ways to get an education and become successful in life, but I will not say that it is the only way.

We can learn and gain experiences in over one way. Photo from

If I was asked how I would like schooling to be, I will recommend that Enterprise and organizations hire people earlier. Why? Because the length of academic education consumes a lot of time in a person’s life. I tend to understand that organization no matter what degree you have, will reeducate you according to their objectives and goals. Schools also can’t give experiences.

To all my fellow students out there, let’s keep going on and never look back. Keep dreaming. Keep holding on. Whatever happens, even if you’re the last man standing. Whatever happens, even if everything’s down, just stand tall.