Day 289 (Two-Hundred & Eighty-Nine) of 365 days

Your circumstances don’t define who you are. When you live without limits, you are truly free. Unfortunately, not enough people choose this path. Instead, they stay in their comfort zones, for fear that they will fail. The fact of the matter is, you are the only thing standing in your way of success. Guess what? Change is scary, but regret is even scarier.

You have the power to turn the impossible into the possible. It all starts and ends in your mind. It is amazing how much you can achieve IF you put your mind to it. Will it be hard work? Yes. Will you want to give up? Yes. Will it be worth the fight? 100%. However, you can’t just dip your foot in the ocean of the unknown. You have to dive in, head first. It’s mind-blowing what can happen when you choose to not give up. In the words of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” Are you ready to rise above your circumstances?

Life rarely turns out the way you’ve planned. An unexpected diagnosis, a sudden job layoff, a surprise relationship breakup, an accident – all kinds of challenges can come into your life at any time and blow your best plans apart. When that happens, you have a choice. You can allow your circumstances to bring you down and try to survive in a miserable state. Or, you can decide to rise above your challenges so you can thrive despite them.

Whenever your old dreams die, there is the potential for new dreams to be born. If you entrust your situation to God, He will bring something good out of even the worst circumstances. Every disappointment can be turned into an appointment to trust God’s plan. God is a redeeming God who is weaving a greater, more eternal picture than you can see right now. Place your hope in Him.

Face the fact that you’ve lost something valuable to you, rather than trying to ignore the hard reality or sugarcoat it in some way. Cry if you need to cry, journal about your loss if that helps, talk with a counsellor or trusted friends, find solace in God’s Word, and do whatever else helps you grieve your losses. Accept your situation, and begin to work through it honestly. But don’t get stuck in a rut; once you’ve expressed your grief, start to move on. Steer clear of whining, complaining, and self-pity. Allow your grief to take its course. Then let go of your old dream and look forward to what God has in store for you in the future. Stop reviewing your mistakes; give up regrets and ask God to show you what He wants you to learn from your mistakes so you can grow beyond them. Take your eyes off the past and turn them toward what God is planning for the rest of your life. Pray for His guidance, and step out to follow Him wherever He leads you.