Day 291 (Two-Hundred & Ninety-One) of 365 days

With all the bad people around us, why should we keep being good? Why should we be kind, thoughtful, and compassionate when other people aren't? Why should we pray for other people when they don't give a crap about what happens to us? Why should we try to help create a better world when other people are trying to tear it down? What's the point? I think every good person gets drained and asks these questions on some level. Negativity, hate, mean people, and bad situations can drag you down, but you shouldn't give up on being good because it's worth it.

Not everyone will appreciate that you are a good person. You may run into a lot of people who don’t care that you are good - they still want to abuse you, hurt you, or bring you down. But, the right people - the people who will support you, help you, and encourage you, will appreciate your goodness. And that’s what matters. You will maintain healthy relationships with people that you want to maintain healthy relationships with. Moreover, there will be people who only get a glimpse of your goodness, but will be impacted by it for life.


Every day you are faced with the choice of if you are going to be a good person to others or if you are going to treat people with less respect than they deserve. A life lesson that has been taught to us ever since we were children is the golden rule, which is "treat others as you wish to be treated." It is important to be a good person because you will soon see that karma will positively affect you and you will soon learn to love yourself. The first step of being a good person is defining what that means to you. To do this step, you must sit back and think of the qualities you wish to see in other people and do them yourself.

Good people behave courageously and view the world as a fair and beautiful place to live in. They view the world as a beautiful place that offers equal opportunities to everyone. Good people believe that humans have the freedom to either make the world a better or worse place to live in. They act and behave in ways that improve and make the world a better place.