Day 316 (Three-Hundred & Sixteen) of 365 days

Arowora Motunrola
3 min readNov 12, 2021


Be bold, have courage, plunge forward even when there is risk involved. Be bold about your dreams. Take risks. Being bold is the opposite of being shy and uneasy. It shows direction and commitment. You can either apologise for your life, or you can step up and go for it. What do you have to lose? A boring and unfulfilled life?

To be bold you don’t have to even believe in yourself to be bold. It’s taking the plunge and seeing what it feels like. When you decide to take the plunge you will sum up your courage on the way down and see that there was nothing to it, just that initial first step. We don’t realise the immense authority you have at this very moment to influence the world around us and the world within us by just taking a single bold step and action toward changing our lives and our perspective of it.

Our life is not a matter of chance but choice and it’s not something to be waited for but to be achieved. Too many people tend to think that destiny will bring luck or happiness into their life. some like it’s pre-ordained. Somehow when we think that it’s our destiny we fail to act and we just wait for the prophecy to be fulfilled.

Being bold is having the courage to tactfully challenge a friend when you don't agree with their actions. When a teacher explains an assignment in which is not clear, being bold is the ability to raise your hand and ask for clarification when all of the rest of the students are afraid. Being bold is having the courage to share your ideas even when you feel that they are not welcomed. Being bold is accepting criticism as constructive criticism. Being Bold is answering a question even when you're not sure that your answer is correct.

I wasn’t raised by people in the spotlight or in a way that made me want to go and fight the power. My mother has always said that I was a bold child, but I have never really felt that to be true. Any time a person would complement a talent I had, or try to encourage me I would brush them off, and compare myself to others saying “yeah, but I will never be like that person”. I would sit in classes and learn about people who did great things never truly understanding that they were people too, just like me. Great men and women who took action and shook things up were once just normal people who were born into a world that wasn’t ready for them. These people are not like normal people, who just are looking to the stars; they are rocketing off into them. It is the most dangerous and influential way to be and something I would like people to see in me, and not just something my mother sees.

To be bold you have to throw away all of your assumptions, that you are not good enough any idea of cant or that you are below people. It was only until I reached college that I truly understood the vastness of human potential. Anyone can pick up a paintbrush and paint a painting, but to be bold is to do this, and say screw you if you don’t like my cube people, they are beautiful. My hope in life is that I can be a great person and to do this I believe that I need to be bold. There will be people who try to bring you down and tell you how to live your life but you have to be bold and nail your 95 grievances right on their door where everyone can see them or else there will be no change.