Day 33 (thirty-three) of 365 days

Arowora Motunrola
2 min readFeb 2, 2021


Managing our desires and wants in order to achieve a greater good and meet our life goals is very important. Building self control not only gives us will power but it also grows self-esteem. Today, with technology at our finger tips, self control is imperative to develop.

Besides risking the ability to achieve long term goals, there are other problematic issues with lack of sef control. People who lack self control often give in to impulsive behavior and emotions as well. This means that they make poor choices that harm them or others and react poorly when they don't get what they want.

Imagine a toddler who wants something but the parents say no. Often, the initial reaction is to behave impulsively. They may throw a tantrum and hit and scream. Toddlers are still learning to regulate their emotions and respond approximately when things don't go their way.

The same is true for people of all ages. Self control is an important skill to develop because these same emotions occur in any person who feels that their needs or desires are not being met.

However, a person who lacks self control may respond in variety of ways including anger, physical violence or by turning to unhealthy coping mechanism. A person who lacks self control may be an unstable person, prone to fits of anger and unethical decisions.

Building self control can be challenging, but it is possible to create change in your life and manage impulsitivity. Feeling more in control of yourself and your actions can lead to feeling more in control of life, feeling more empowered about who you are, and helping boost your feelings of self esteem.