Day 66 (Sixty-six) of 365 days

Many of us have forgotten how to truly unwind. We ask the experts for ways to switch off in an always-on world. How do you like to kick back, chill out and really relax? This sounds as if it should be a simple question.

Tom & Jerry relaxing | Image from

But I can’t be alone in having spent several days over the past couple of weeks working on one thing or the other. While my eyes flicker across my social media handles.

Relaxing is increasingly difficult in our always–on digital world. It’s actually isn’t easy and doesn’t come naturally for many of us. It’s hard not to get caught up in living during our fast-paced, time-crunched days, whether from work deadlines, financial worries, or feeling like we don’t have enough quality time for family and friends or ourselves and our favorite activities.

You may not think of relaxing as a skill that needs to be learned. Doesn’t relaxing just happened without our really thinking about it? Unfortunately, thanks to the current health crisis, relaxing has become more difficult to accomplish for many, while there have always been things that made us stressed or anxious. Today’s problems really are more serious and deep-reaching.

So, that makes this an excellent time to take steps to reduce that stress and anxiety, in other words, to learn to relax. One key is learning how to distract your poor overworked brain.

As a first step to relaxing more, limit your exposure to the news contributing to your worry and anxiousness. Focus your attention on other more positive things. Music, reading a good book, or burning to an enjoyable hobby are all ways to engage your mind without adding to your stress levels.

Eat healthily, get plenty of sleep, and find more things to do your life that you find enjoyable. None of this will make all the anxiety and stress disappear but will provide some relaxation in your life to help you achieve more balance and less distress.

Learn to relax, take short breaks and calm your nerves, it’s necessary!



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