“It is not happy people who are thankful, it’s thankful people who are happy.” However, Being thankful is very important because There are many different things I am thankful for, but today, the people I’m most thankful for is my family. My family is so caring in everything they do. My family drives me places whenever I need to be somewhere.

My family is very patient in everything they do. They show me how to be a better person. When I have a problem and need someone to listen to me, they are always there for me. My family is so loving, and every day, they show me what a loving family is like, and what it should look like. They comfort me when I’m upset. Also, they appreciate me by always caring for me and always being there for me.

I don’t think that I could live without the support or the guidance that my family and friends provide me every day. In my opinion, my family is probably the most important thing in my life today. I am thankful for everything that they have given me and sorry for the times I have been a little out of hand. In some places, family isn’t even in their dictionary. On TV, I have seen children younger than 2 or 3 whose parents have died in a car crash or the mother didn’t even want the baby the day it was born. Those real-life stories are the saddest thing in the world. Just envisioning my life without my family puts an empty horrid pocket inside of my heart.

Even though we may fight constantly and order each other around, I am very thankful for my family. They support and love me through thick and thin and when I need them they are there to help me. Also, all my life my parents have given me their time and love. They love me. They support me. They help me. It’s very hard to imagine my life without my family.

Family is who you are stuck with, you love them and they help you in your time of need. Those crazy traditions are one of the many things that this hand provides you with. Not only that but they give you those you-are-so-annoying and I-love-you-so-have-a-good-day looks.

I want to thank my parents today. Mom and Dad, thank you for helping me to shape my life with passion and complete positivity. Without your presence, I would have never imagined being the person I am today. If people could choose their parents, they would choose you to be the best parents. Being a parent is undoubtedly tricky, but being a friend with your child is much more difficult. I am thankful for my parents to be there for me as a friend, then as parents.

I am sure; everybody has some lessons in their life, given by their parents for the path of life that you can never forget. I remember one day, my mum said, ‘life is going to be tough, but make sure you get the best out of it. Obstacles may come, but with all your honesty, your destination will be easy to achieve.’ That saying never left me, and every step I take in my life, be that a hard one or an easy, I follow that same teaching that my mother taught me. Thank you, mum, for this lesson. My dad taught me the meaning behind kindness and to understand everybody’s problem with great care. He told me never to be rude to anybody, as you never know what a person is going through.

The words of mine may not be enough to show you my gratefulness, but sincerely and honestly, today, I would like to say Thank you, Mom and Dad. I cannot repay you for your extreme support, but all I can do is give you a lot of love. I pray for your well-being forever.




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