Day 363 of 365 days

Arowora Motunrola
2 min readDec 31, 2021


Music brings people together. Through good times and bad, music is a powerful tool that helps unite us. From the National Anthem to going to concerts, playing in bands together, weddings, and more… music unites us. It is a moment where we all stop to listen, to play or to sing. We use it to enhance our celebrations or to help us through grief and loss.

Music is fun! What would a wedding be without a DJ or band? What would life be like without dancing? Playing? Concerts? Music is always there for us to enhance any fun event… or it can even enhance your commute to work! There’s nothing wrong with a little dance party in your car. Thanks to music, we can turn any moment into a fun one just simply by turning on a song.

Music plays such an integral role in our lives that it is easy to take it for granted, to lose sight of its impact on our everyday thoughts, feelings, and interactions. Yet, for many of us, our lives would be entirely different without music’s regular and significant presence, and as we discovered from the many wonderful responses we received, this is the case for everyone in our “Musicovation” family. I’m incredibly thankful for my life because it allows me to express that which cannot be put into words.

Music for me has always been a language beyond human. It eloquently speaks of something far deeper than we could ever conjure up within ourselves. God often uses music to melt the ice off of my wings and draw me back to Him when nothing else can reach me. It’s a direct connection between Creator and child. I can share the results of that connection, but I can never communicate the experience. It’s too personal.

Sitting down to write this, a hundred thoughts crowded my brain, and, instead of writing them all down, I’ll try to condense it into two overall topics; Healing and Connection. Music not only gives a vent for emotions when words are too few and feelings too high, but it also pulls us together to live in that feeling. When I mourn, when I rejoice, when I don’t have the words to speak, music steps in and fills the void, to wrap those I love in joy or to raise a roof of beauty to lift sorrows. When it all boils down, that is why I am so very thankful.