Usually, I come here, to my blog, to mouth off, to express my opinions about things I see going on in the world, and around me throughout my day. Most of the time my posts are saucy and flippant, but every so often my mouthy attitude softens, and I post delicate, perhaps even flowery suggestions. Well, friends, today is one of those days, so grab your tissues.

Friends are very essential in my life. Together we have many magnificent memories and we will cherish them without end. To begin with, I have known some of my friends for many years and we have created a special bond together with many things in common. Since we have known each other for so long, we will often simultaneously do things, like our minds think alike. Also, my friends always keep me laughing. They can be so funny that it is almost impossible for me to stop laughing sometimes. My friends are always there for me, just like my family, whenever I need them. In return, I do the same for them.

Friends are the family you get to choose and they will always be by your side making you laugh and cherishing the moments you have together. This hand is made up of wild and sad memories but they truly define your life. True friendship doesn’t begin in hours or even months, rather they are built on solid foundations and geared to stay eternally. Many ships could take you to success but no ships can be as secure, propelling and infinite as friendships.

It wasn’t about whether my decision was smart or foolish. Or what he/she would get out of it. It was about them giving me the extra push I need to make every decision I made the count. It was about me succeeding where others failed and prompting me to learn from those actions I took, whether they were right or wrong. You were always supportive and thank you for this.

Many others may have doubted my ability and questioned my actions but not my friends. They believed in me, that I could make a difference in the world and become who I am supposed to be. They didn’t envy me or try to talk me out of amazing possibilities, rather they motivated me and encouraged me to keep on going even when the odds against me seemed huge. Yes, you believed in me and made sure I’m pushing.

Life has taught me a beautiful thing. It has shown me that there were many more to come. My circle has grown. Some new friends came and lasted two-six years, leaving their beautiful marks on my soul, and heart. The things we shared, will never be forgotten, and even though we’re not close today, if you’re reading this I hope you know that I still love you, think of you often, and am deeply grateful for all the tears we cried, the laughs we had. You carried me during the times when I couldn’t walk, and I hope that at some point in our friend journey I did the same for you.

No matter how long you’ve blessed my life with your soul, I wanted to write this post today, to let you know that I am beyond thankful for you. I’m blown away at your selflessness, your beauty, your strength, your character that has taught me that women can be friends, and can want the best for one another. And to my male soul friends (you know who you are)I thank God for you showing me another way for men to be. I love you all. I’m blessed more than I ever thought I would be. And I’m thankful more than words will ever be able to fully express the depth of gratitude in my soul.

To those who are more in the past, please know that you are not forgotten, and your friendship to me helped form the woman that I am today, and should our paths ever cross again, I look forward to all the laughs catching up will bring us.




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